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LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles or Planks) is the natural successor to laminate flooring. At Wessex Flooring, our flooring experts have over 50 years of experience in supplying and fitting Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring for both domestic and commercial clients within the Hampshire and Wiltshire are. We provide a wide range of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) from leading manufacturers and suppliers in the UK and our team can offer expert advice on choosing the right LVT for your home or business. To assist we can bring samples to you or you can visit our showroom.

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Choosing The Right Flooring

Choosing the right flooring can be daunting at first, besides the vast range of designs, colours and styles there are many factors to consider when choosing the type of flooring, such as the type of room its going into. For example, rooms with high traffic such as hallways are more suited to a more hardwearing type of flooring, that will be able to cope with the higher usage and be easier to keep clean.

What Is LVT Flooring?

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles or Planks) is the natural successor to laminate flooring. Laminate has been popular but it is not reliably stable, most laminate is not water and moisture tolerant and shrinks and buckles in quick time.

LVT is a heterogeneous PVC; a multi-layered composition making it more adaptable to the environments in which it is used (typically kitchens and bathrooms). The format enables endless patterns and designs to be produced in a wide range of colours and shades. The most popular are tiles, wood planks and more recently parquet. Today’s printing techniques give incredible realistic results almost indistinguishable from the real thing as they are also textured to mimic the real materials.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the market for LVT flooring in the UK has boomed in recent years. In 2017 it saw a 37% growth. In terms of durability, there is nothing quite like it. LVT is tough and impervious to dents and scratch marks, it’s dog friendly and will not tear. It’s completely waterproof and warm to the touch, it’s relatively quiet to walk on compared to wood or stone. It is easy to live with. Maintenance is negligible. LVT needs only a wipe over to keep clean. It works well with underfloor heating and has a residential life expectancy of over 25 years.

LVT is highly used in shops, foyers, communal areas and stairs in shopping centres all over the country. Extremely good to look at, hardwearing and easy to keep hygienically clean.

How Is LVT Manufactured?

The highly realistic (often 3D) features of LVT are sandwiched between layers of vinyl and a resilient polyurethane surface. All the layers are fused together under heat and pressure making the material thin and flexible.

  1. Reinforced polyurethane layer
  2. Transparent dense protection wear layer
  3. The printed décor layer
  4. Dimensionally stable layer
  5. The load-bearing layer

How Is LVT Fitted?

LVT is available in a ‘click’ or ‘dry back’ format. The differences allow the LVT to be either glued down (dry back) or the individual pieces are clicked and locked together (a popular DIY format). Wessex Flooring prefers the former as it gives a more stable and professional finish without the addition of edge beading.
Subfloor preparation is very important, It must be flat and smooth. A latex base makes sure the LVT goes down flat.

What Choices Are Available In LVT?

The beauty of LVT is the ability to create unique designs and patterns during installation as you would with natural materials. It is possible to mimic real stone, ceramic and wood flooring by introducing borders and random colour effects.

LVT is now available from several manufacturers. The image quality, surface representation and layer structure vary, this gives prices per square meter from £13.50 to over £80.00. Swatches and samples are available on request. The diversity and practicality of LVT makes it a winner anywhere in the home, office or any other area that needs floor coverings.

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