Our Services

Contract & Domestic Floor Coverings

Having worked in the in the contract and domestic flooring industry for the last 40 years, we have established a reputation for fine attention to detail, superb installations and unbiased expert advice. Our aim is complete customer satisfaction with no call backs. We achieve this with our ability to offer the correct flooring product to suit the customers individual needs, whether it be wood, resins, carpets, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl, laminate flooring or artificial grass.

We provide an extensive range of up to date floor finishes in all areas of commercial and domestic flooring. Our use of top quality products from some of the most respected flooring manufacturers ensure that you are offered the highest quality job possible.

Floor & Wall Cladding Consultancy

As flooring and plastic wall cladding specialists, we are able to provide free professional advice on the best flooring or wall cladding solution to suit your job. No matter which area or condition your job is we have the expertise, creativity and ability to supply and install your choice of flooring and wall cladding.

Bespoke Flooring Designs

We are able to offer your company logo, inset into vinyl, carpet or the entrance mat into your building. These are cut using laser or water-jet. These patterns are cut by the manufacturers of the different materials, and then cut into the main floor during installation. We also cut bespoke designs on site by hand at the customers request. Borders can be formed to achieve a classic look to either vinyl or carpet.

Floor & Wall Cladding Installation

Our highly trained floor layers have a broad range of technical knowledge which makes a perfect job easy to achieve. The wall cladders in our team have a very extensive knowledge of commercial kitchen walls, laboratories,operating theatre's, school toilets and many other applications. Whether we are fitting high end carpets in Posh Hotels or fitting a bedroom in Mrs Smiths house our fitters always strive to achieve the best job possible.

Artificial Grass

We supply and fit all grades of artificial grass to inside and outside areas including playrooms dining rooms and lawns. Our fitters are trained to get the best out of this up and coming material (bringing the lawn into the house).

Sub Floor Preparation

A good floor starts at the very bottom and builds from there. We first start by grinding the floor down to obtain the best base. The next step is to check the moisture content in floor and if needed apply an appropriate liquid damp proof membrane. Whether a damp proof membrane is needed or not the next step is to apply a floor smoothing compound.

The floor smoothing compound is mixed with powder and synthetic latex liquid. This mixture is then applied by hand using a steel trowel. It is often the case where two coats are needed to achieve the required finish.

Pump Screeds

This method is used for bigger areas and involves the use of a big machine that mixes and pumps the levelling compound into the area, this area has been laser levelled. The operatives then pour the compound and rake out using spatulas to obtain a perfectly level floor.

Fast Track Projects

Fast track projects are a very important part of today's world. For example hotel kitchens or behind pub bars and all areas where the only time to get the job done is overnight. In these cases the old floors are taken up using machines designed to rip up old floors with ease. The area is then primed and fast track smoothing compound applied. After 30 minutes the floor covering can be laid. If the floor is damp the new floor can be laid on a fibreglass underlay enabling the fast fit to be achieved. With all the modern fast track products available it is no problem to work with your client and complete the job on time. Thus letting their business run as seamless as it can.

Sanding & Refurbishing of Wooden Floors

The sanding and refurbishment of existing wood flooring is popular in period properties. We have the experience and knowledge to give your old floor a new lease of life. Our range of finishes include waxes, oils and various seals and varnishes.