Specialist Flooring Surveys

We survey each job with the utmost care, ensuring the correct materials are used in each application. We ensure seams are in the most appropriate places, and take care not to miss any pitfalls such as damp or crumbling screeds. At the end of each job we would not expect there to be to be any hidden extras.

Public Sector Works Education Healthcare & Laboratorys

As wall and flooring contractors we provide an excellent range of durable products for all situations, whether it be hygienic wall cladding, wet rooms, classrooms and many other areas we have it covered. As with all healthcare jobs there is always the time factor involved, fast track solutions are the norm and enable the job to be completed in the fastest possible time.

Care Homes

Our knowledge of working in care homes is very extensive. We are aware residents move out of their room in the morning, enabling the new floor to be fitted, and moved back in the afternoon with the minimum of disruption. A sympathetic approach is always used to accommodate the residents and staff on every job. The correct materials we use have got to be suitable for each area such as impervious carpets for bedrooms where liquid spillages are a frequent problem.

Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs

Selecting the most suitable floor coverings for these highly trafficked establishments requires an extensive knowledge to be able to deliver the most cost effective and durable solution. Having operated in this market sector for many years we understand the problems and practical issues relating to flooring installations within the heavily trafficked and busy pub,hotel and restaurant environments.

Retail Shops

The retail shop environment has specific needs, in a lot of areas it is too obvious the wrong materials have been used leading to yellow tape over joints ect. We have worked for large chain stores and small independent stores, so we have a complete knowledge of where the different flooring materials are best suited. Fish and meat counters have particular needs as do areas where grapes and yoghurt are stored, these need to have correct none slip safety flooring fitted avoiding customer accidents. We know the most suitable materials for the different parts of the stores whether it be the offices or customer toilets, we will always recommend the most effective flooring product.